Building Test

WHAT IS Airnab?

Building Start’s digital recording platform, Airnab, allows you to seamlessly capture and share air and water balancing data between all parties on a project. Because Airnab is paperless and transparent, it saves you time and significantly reduces errors.

Once invited to a project, you can use Airnab to view daily TAB progress online. And because Airnab is a digital system, you can print your final TAB report as soon as the project is complete.

Don’t wait for weeks (or even months) for your final TAB report. Eliminate waste, reduce errors, and save time and money by going digital with Airnab.

Who Benefits from Airnab?

With Airnab You Can:

  • Log in and view air balance readings anytime
  • Track all recorded readings with usernames and date/time stamps
  • View a chronological TAB work audit trail
  • Easily track field issues and monitor the progress of the trade responsible for resolving them
  • Generate final TAB reports within 24-48 hours of project completion, regardless of project size.
  • Quickly turn around the final TAB report required for a certificate of occupancy – no problem!

What is Building Test?

Building Test from Building Start is a digital system for collecting field data. Building Test lets building commissioners create and manage their commissioning test plans within an enterprise database.

Once a test plan is authored, commissioners and project managers can use Building Test to assign the plans to members of the commissioning team to be completed digitally on smart devices in the field. All data recorded in the field is automatically stamped with a date, time and username, giving commissioners a full, chronological audit trail of the testing process.

And because Building Test is digital, it is easy to reuse test plans on future projects that have similar equipment and systems.

Turning a paper-heavy process fully digital, paperless, and transparent? A smart, cost-effective, time-saving solution.

What do your test plans look like?

Go paperless with Building Start

Digital Commissioning

  • Easily and automatically control test plan versions (no more loose page inserts to keep track of)
  • Automatically merge test plans completed by different subcontractors
  • Digitally capture replies to field tests with usernames and date/time stamps
  • Standardize answers to test plans
  • "Quick Pick" from a drop down section of replies
  • Eliminate transcription errors

Web Tool

  • Write your own re-useable custom PFCs
  • Author project-specific FPTs
  • Create projects and build equipment lists
  • Assign projects to commissioning team members
  • Manage the testing process and merge all data with one web interface
  • Track and manage issues found in the field during testing
  • Personalize the Web Tool with your company logo

Field Tool

  • Digitally receive assigned projects on a handheld smart device
  • Log in with a username and passcode
  • View equipment with test plans yet to be completed
  • Sort test plan steps based on the contractor
  • “Quick Pick” standardized replies from drop down menus
  • Create and report issues found in the field during testing

Online Reports

  • Customize reports with your company logo
  • View and print collected field data immediately after being synchronized to the Web Tool
  • Track data as the project progresses
  • Create an issue report for keeping a project on track at any time