Test and Balance

Airnab is a mobile platform that is turn-key for Test, Adjust & Balancing professionals to perform air & hydronic testing of mechanical systems. Airnab allows the technician to record data in the field on a mobile device and instantly create reports of the testing completed.

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Building Test is a mobile platform optimized for the Building Commissioning expert. Building Test allows for both “canned” and custom test plans to be authored and executed in the field on mobile devices. You can divide up the Cx plan among the various trades responsible for performing the quality testing of the equipment, electrical and mechanical systems.

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Equipment Startup

Building Notes is a mobile platform designed to help mechanical contractors document equipment start-up and checkout more efficiently. Whether you have 1 technician or 20, Building Notes will help organize, manage and keep track of all your equipment start-up documentation, so that you will always be able to find the start-up report that you need.

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Manufacturing, Construction and even building maintenance all benefit from implementing standard checks and procedures. Assign team members to be responsible for different equipment and system checks and have the quality assurance results all compile back to a central dashboard.

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Tracking and resolving issues may be the single most important workflow to manage and ensure equipment and systems run both properly and live up to their maximum life expectancy. From first installation, Startup, Commissioning all the way through operation and maintenance – a good system for tracking issues will help your team.

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Photo capture and photo documentation is a great way to catalog important equipment and systems in your building. Photos can be used to demonstrate and record both proper and improper installations and maintenance. Even use photos to track equipment condition over time.

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Building Start is optimized to work cross platform including Android, iOS and Windows. Keeping you mobile, but connected! All information aggregates back to a central web portal accessible via any web browser. Building Start, helping you efficiently manage your mobile workforce!